Saturday, December 15, 2007

Three Little Dead

It was a rainy December night in Milan, the lights glowing with a hard edge, the rumours raising from bars and cafes. I knew I was on a dangerous mission where I could lose my life, but I'd rather live one day as a lion than my whole life as a rabbit.

I had to eliminate four people that wouldn't take bribe from my La Famiglia. Four disgustingly honest faces, anonymous bigots among all those doped dudes that crowded the Colonne area on that Friday night. The first one to get the lucky spray shot was the girl. I followed her to an isolated place and attacked without mercy. She went down without saying a word, a mix of fear and disbelief on that sweet, innocent face. Oh, holy honesty that leads to nowhere but becoming a self-assured, responsible and absolutely boring, mid-life crisis middle class anonymous!

The second one was tougher. He became suspicious when he saw me sharking around him with a blood thirst look in the eye. I had to move quickly and the poor little scum tried to react, but here it's survival of the fittest. Sorry, pal, better luck next life.

The last one was the Buddhist monk wearing a pair of boats as boots. I'm sure he was expecting it, I've only given him the chance to elevate his spirit to the next level and ascend to Nirvana just as he has been trying his whole life. He should thank me for having killed him, in the end I did him a favour.

This Sunday I'll be out on a mission. Stay foot, you'll never know I'm coming until I'm already there.

PS: It's all a game called Sicario

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