Monday, November 5, 2007

What's in the Can, Man?

Following an early- bird conversation with a Chinese friend (thx Shan) over coffee and sour cheese for breakfast, I took a stroll in the Milan Chinatown and ended up in a store buying food that I don't know how to spell.

I also bought this can of... of.... the opinions are divided. I say it's soup, someone else says it's juice... Can you help me out? You have 10 days' time to vote, after which I'll open it and taste it. The lucky guesser gets a special prize. So, hurry up with the POLL. Identify yourself with the comments to this post !


joice said...

It is definitely a Chinese tea!
Take care.

Paul said...

I guess it's soup with noodles...a dish that goes perfectly with a nice glass of romanian grappa!
A big hug!

theweird said...

I think it can be a soup... please, don't taste it!! :-P
...I linked your blog on my own blog (I'm Michela Pass. from SdC, Padova) blog is very silly, but anyway... :-D
take care :-)

Doriana said...

I'd say it's some kind of tea, or something like that. Or... could it be sakè? Who knows!? I wouldn't want to know by tasting it, so good luck!

I quite enjoyed giving a quick read through your blog. Seems like I'm going to have to drop by more often.


exodus said...

Mystery solved

Well, although some of you have voted that it was "a mystery not meant to be solved", the case is clear: it was a Chinese herbal drink, made of pandalai extract and crysanthemum flower. And NO, it was NOT greenish.

The winners of a nice, cold, refreshing Chinese herbal something are....

Joice and Doriana!!!

Within the next 2 weeks you'll receive the prize. Joice, let me know when u get back from the US.

Thanks to all the voters.


joice said...

Ok I'm back for Xmas, see you in Milan with my prize! Dori, we can drink it together!